Environmental Science Basic

What is environmental pollution and causes of it worldwide

Here, you will know about what is environmental pollution and the causes laying behind it.

What is Environmental pollutions:

Presidents’ Science Advisory Committee (PSAC) in 1965 defined environmental pollution as the unfavorable modification of our surroundings, wholly or largely as by-product of human’s actions, through direct or indirect effects of changes in energy patterns, chemical and physical constitution, radiation levels and the abundance of organisms. Simply stating, environmental pollution is the unfavorable modification of our surroundings by the action of human beings due to which abundance of organisms affected in natural environment.

What is Pollutants:

Pollutants are the elements, which pollute environment. Pollutants are basically are of three types in whatever environment they axist:

  • Energy related pollutants for example sound, heat and radiation
  • Chemical pollutants for example organic, inorganic
  • natural and artificial pollutants and
  •  Organisms such as virus, bacteria, parasites that cause diseases.

Causes of environmental pollution worldwide:

There are various causes of environmental pollution in general throughout the world are.

  1. Natural Causes of Environmental Pollution
  2. Anthropogenic or human induced Causes of Environmental Pollution

Natural Causes of Environmental Pollution:

volcanic eruption, earthquakes, cyclone and such other calamities are natural  caused environmental pollution of environment. Otherwise, nature is not responsible for environmental pollution.

Anthropogenic or human induced Causes of Environmental Pollution:

Environmental pollution is occured mainly by the activities of humans. Various direct and indirect causes of environmental pollution and imbalance in environment by human beings are:

  • Unplanned development including improper development of cities
  • Over use of insecticides and fertilizers in agricultural lands
  • Toxic chemicals originated from industries
  • Establishment of industries in residential area
  • Deforestation
  • Over population
  • Poverty
  •  Lack of education
  • Black smoke from vehicles
  • Excessive sound from traffic
  • Improper maintenance of sewage system
  • Extraction of excessive natural resources etc.
  • Throwing of indestructible solid wastes such as plastic containers, bottles, tin cans, junked (old) automobiles etc. here and there.

These is the main causes of environmental pollution worldwide. Is there any other causes of environmental pollution? Please mention it in comment box below if there any.

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