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History of Community based Natural resources management (CBNRM)

In this article you will find what Community based Natural resources management (CBNRM) and development history of CBNRM.

Introduction Community based Natural resources management (CBNRM) :

Community based natural resource management (CBNRM) is the approach which combines conservation objectives of natural resources with the generation of economic benefits for rural communities. In this approach the community should be defined properly that is which individuals and groups will be included in an approach and which community will be excluded. Otherwise, the community may not agree or may not cooperate the approach or the project. CBNRM deals with natural resources.  Natural resources means the resources on which people depend upon for their livelihoods or income for example renewable natural resources, including water, forests, fisheries, land and wildlife etc. CBNRM is nothing but involvement of management. This determines that there should be specific rules or regulations for governing how, when, or in what quantity the resource can be used. These rules must be understood and agreed, recognized, respected and maintained by every individual of the community members.

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