Environment of Bangladesh

Causes of environmental pollution in Bangladesh

The environment of Bangladesh is degrading day by day with its economic growth. In this article, the causes of environmental pollution in Bangladesh is described.



Bangladesh is a small country with about 170 million people. The economy of Bangladesh is increasing rapidly. As a result, the environment of Bangladesh is also deteriorating. According to Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) environment is deteriorating fastly at the developing stage. Bangladesh is now in the developing stage. So, it is natural that the environment of Bangladesh will be polluted at present. However, if the reason behind environmental pollution is known than the pollution can be mitigated easily.

Causes of environmental pollution in Bangladesh:

The causes of environmental pollution in Bangladesh are:

  • Over population
  • Poverty
  • Geographical location and regular natural calamities like flood, cyclone, drought etc.
  • Uncontrolled cutting of trees (deforestation) and presence of less forest in comparison to requirement
  • ¬†High dependence on biomass fuels
  • Unplanned and uncontrolled development of industries and cities
  • High percentage of illiterate people
  • Black smokes from vehicles and use of high sound. horns in vehicle
  • Lack of safe removal of garbage from urban area
  • Mismanaged dirty and stagnant pools and drains
  • Smokes and dusts from brickfields and brick kilns
  • Uncontrolled killing and export of frogs
  • Man-made obstructions to natural flow of rivets such as Farakka Barage etc.
  • Excessive use of ground water and
  • Unawareness and unconsciousness in maintaining quality environment.

However, for deterioration of environment in Bangladesh main causes are the first four in this list.

Is there any environmental pollution in Bangladesh tha i have not mentioned? Please comment below if is there any. click the link to know a study on Halda river.



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