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Environmental management

Environmental management (EM) is a topic that blends policy, science, and socio-economic applications. The natural environment is a result of millions of years of mutation and evolution. It is protecting various ecosystems and life forms. We depend upon the environment to meet our necessities. Such as food, fiber, fuel, minerals, fodder, and essential support systems (e.g., air and water).

Environmental Isuues

Acid rain, Definition, Causes, Sources, Formulas, Effects and controls

Acid rain is nothing but normal rain or another type of precipitation that is acidic. Nowadays, acid rain is a key global environmental issue. In this article, every ins and out of acid rain is discussed. The defination of acid rain, main causes of acid rain, harmful effects of acid rain, formation of acid rain, ph of acid rain, acid rain control measures etc. have been discussed in this post in detail.

Environmental Management And Planning

Course contents of Environmental Management And Planning

The course content of the environment management plan is given here. Every content will be discussed in this course. Hope the environmental graduate and professionals will be benefited after completing this course.