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What is Virtual Water, use, trade and example

What is virtual water?

Virtual water is an important factor to be considered. Because water scarcity in the world is increasing. To save the water in areas of water problem virtual water concept should be known by us. In this discussion, we are going to try to understand the concept of virtual water, why we should know about it, how this concept has evolved?

Virtual water is the amount of water embodied in the production of various foods and fibre and non-food items, including energy. The idea of virtual water is significant because it supports us to realize why we need to think about water and food security as we have solid evidence that the available water resources are inadequate to sustain our national economies. Virtual water also termed “indirect water” or “embedded water,” or the water which is “hidden” in our day-to-day products, services we use, and processes that people purchase and use in everyday life. Although we cannot see the virtual water by the end-user of the products or services, that water has been spent throughout the entire value chain.

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Environmental management

Environmental management (EM) is a topic that blends policy, science, and socio-economic applications. The natural environment is a result of millions of years of mutation and evolution. It is protecting various ecosystems and life forms. We depend upon the environment to meet our necessities. Such as food, fiber, fuel, minerals, fodder, and essential support systems (e.g., air and water).